The Total Control Batting Ball was developed for the Fastpitch Softball and Baseball hitters to develop strength and extension through the hitting zone and provide instant feedback to the hitter.

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Sorry for the delay in adding new updates ...We have been very busy developing many new products that will soon be released...MORE GREAT TOOLS TO MY YOU A BETTER PLAYER.

May 1, 2011 We made it...Total Control Sports is now in it's new and bigger facilities located  Broadview, IL to better server it customers. We tripled our size, added new products research and development division, increased our inventory levels, added 3 new production machines. This will enable TCSi to increase production and reduce costs.
  I just want to say how awesome this product is. I currently coach a 7u select team The Texas Threat. Every game coaches come over and ask about the yellow balls we have been using for warm ups. Just to give you an idea of how awesome they are each coach after he gets his shipment of your product they make it a point to let me know he is using total control balls as well. We also play league ball and every body is asking me how to order and saying what an awesome idea. Just wanted you know.

KC Lare - Texas Threat 7u Select

April 7, 2011 Total Control Sports will be moving to new and bigger facilities to better server it customers. The move should begin the last week of April. Please excuse any delays during this time. We will do our very best to keep shipping during the move and supply complete customer support.

Along with the move we will begin doing more in house mfg of our products and improving the quality and soon will increase warranty to 6 month on all filled products. All new warranted TCB and Atomic balls will now have a BLUE dot instead of the regular RED dot.

We will also be releasing our NEW 7.0 cm TCB ball designed for baseball with our new synthetic compound that will not break down and increase the life and durability of the product.

  GREAT product. Wonderful for soft toss during pregame warm-up you don't need much space or a net! I only wish that I had come up with this first... OR I was the only coach that could get them.

Coach Lowell - Heart of Dixie

We are a League All-Star team out of Santa Fe, Texas. We have been playing a lot of tournaments. When we started we were built on defense and speed, but now in using your balls we have become a force to be reckon with on the offense of side of the game. We have won numerous tournaments in the area and are going to make some noise in ASA softball. Thanks “Total Control” for helping us become a better softball team. 


Cheyenne D. Mata Sr


I received my order of your new Hole Balls yesterday, and we tried them out last night.  Wow!  They are everything that you claim them to be and more.  Our whole coaching staff fell in love with them in a matter of minutes.  We will be replacing all of our wiffles with these.  Thanks again for another great product!

Eddie Robbins
Head Coach

12U VA Bat Busters Fastpitch


Thank you!  Our 18U team has been using the Total Control Balls for about a year now... they are great!  We are anxious to see how the new wiffle balls work out... everything else (wiffle style) on the market now does not hold up very well.

Eddie Robbins
Canon Virginia, Inc


 Total Control Sports has moved to new and bigger facilities to better server it customers. The new address is 1525 Circle Ave, Suite 1, Forest Park, IL, 60130


I recently purchased TCB Balls from you and from my first hitting session there were distinct improvements just from the players concentration on hitting it correctly.  I see a competition in the near future between my players! Ha


Ken Hardwick - Head Coach - Mississippi Fury 18U


I have to give credit where it is due and I wanted to let you know that your product is paying off.  In the prior 3 years of coaching softball we have had a total of 1 home run.  This year, we are now up to 4 home runs in a matter of a couple of tournaments.  Two of these came this past weekend where we were “Flat Mashing” the ball.  We had one HR robbed and numerous hits off the outfield fence.  (The “Flat Mashing” is a southern thing for crushing the ball J , kind of like our mashed potatoes).  

I can’t say enough good things about the product, but the best part from a coaching perspective is the fact that I can stand 15 feet from the batter and control pitches to the inside, down the middle, and outside to teach them to “Go with the pitch” .   This is truly paying off and teaches them to keep their hands inside the ball. 

Carvel Blakeney 


I just want send a quick review on our purchase of six Atomic Balls (TCB-06L-120) this year.  Using these balls as part of our normal training routine this year has proven to be a valuable tool.  The instant feedback these balls provide minimizes the need for the repetitive coach feedback on a swing and provides instant gratification and reinforcement for contact made correctly.  We have seen significant impact in our overall SLG% and attribute it to the use of the Atomic balls.

Coach Joe - Head Coach Valley Stompers

  I am a the manager of the Amherst Lightning Elite 16U softball team located in upstate NY just on the outskirt of Buffalo. Our team played in the the Ohio Buckeye Showcase Showdown two weeks ago. It was there that I came in contact with your TCB's and went straight home and ordered some and are in love with them.

Jeff C. Manager of Lightning Elite 16U

  I purchased some of the total control balls for my travel team A few months ago and I just want you to know that they are amazing, my girls have never driven the ball so consistently and with so much power like they are now. We were in Nebraska the 5th thru the 10th at the Cat Osterman tournament and I had taking my total control balls with us and every team out there approached me about them so I gave them a demo and explained how they work and how it had made a big difference in our finishing power. We went to this 14U tournament with 6 12U starting players the other teams were just amazed with how much power our younger girls had.

Coach Todd Clarksville, Tennessee

Lady Titans.   


I coach the 9U McHenry Cobras baseball team and started using the TCB balls 3-4 weeks ago. Our team struggled with finishing their swings and driving the baseball. We started using the TCB ball in batting practice in side and soft toss and now believe its the secret sauce to our hitting success. The team is now driving the baseball and everyone is swinging with power. They have replaced the need to carry around a big bag of basketballs and are extremely convenient to carry around and ideal to use in small hitting areas. 

9U McHenry Cobras

We used the TC balls this past weekend in preparation for our 9U Monster of Midwest Gameday tournament and we took first place going 5-0 and slaughtering 3 teams with our new improved hitting team.

Coach G Listi


Thanks for the email.  We actually already have these and use them all the time :o)  Our team used to pop up all the time (drove me crazy) and these have helped immensely.  Like your ad says, you get instant feedback if you are not hitting the middle of the ball.  Great idea you came up with. 

Marney Wright - Nemesis 97


We are one of the top 12U fastpitch softball teams in Tennessee. We use them all the time.  We LOVE them.  Most of our coaches have bought some to keep at home. We were using them at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the head coach came in and saw us using them.

Brandee C. Whitwell TN


Got our balls yesterday!  Thanks!  We used them at practice and the kids loved them.  Some of my weaker hitters can feel the difference.  I even have parents that want to order some!  Thank again!

Doug Davis, MI - Rockford Rebels
  HERO Fastpitch loves the TCB balls amazing results, more power and more distance. Have one girl who normally known as contact hitter actually hit the fence this year. She never has hit that far before.

Enrique Montalvo. Eagle Pass, TX

  Thanks Pete. I have had a lot of interest from coaches. My team hitting 4 homeruns after using the balls for 1 week doesn't hurt either!

Joey W. Deatsville, AL


We have been using the TCB Ball for about a month and a half, and wow ..... what a difference it has made in our offensive game! We have more girls consistently driving the gaps and hitting the ball with more authority than we have ever had!

 Thanks for producing such a great product! 

Shannon Woolridge
-Head Coach/Manager
ASA Desert Thunder 96


I wanted to let you know that I received the balls on Friday. All I can say is “Wow”. I took them to my practice yesterday and they went over great. I showed them around the neighborhood to guys I know that have kids playing softball and baseball and I know they are ordering them if they haven’t already. You’ve got a great product that sells itself

Ramsey H.- National Fast Pitch Director 

  USA National Fastpitch Team and Jay Miller will  be using the TCB and ATOMIC balls for training our 2010 USA National Fastpitch Team for the up coming season. We wish Jay and the USA team the very best.

USA National Fastpitch Team

Strikes Baseball School - Steve Hayward Instructor, I have been giving lessons for over 19 years, and your weighted ball, is by far the best I have ever found for helping my lessons get extension through the ball and it also makes them focus on keeping their head down longer because if they don't hit your ball square you don't get the pop off the bat.   I also found that after hitting your ball for about 5 min, it gives every muscle you use, to hit a work out, and its like weight lifting for all the hitting muscles.   I have worked with minor league players and a Major league player and they all give your product thumbs up!!!  Good job Pete !
Steve Hayward, Hitting Instructor.
Strikes Baseball School
  The TCSi SPONSORED Hawks 16u Black team takes 1st Place at Indy's Sports Zone Complex. The Hawks 16u Black smashes 6 home runs this weekend to take the championship. All 6 home runs come off the new Combat Bat. #33 hits 4 of the 6 using the LFFP-1 33/-8.

I love the balls and they are a great tool for teaching hitters to hit through the ball and finish their swings. I am looking forward to the bigger balls as well to help develop our hitters further!

Jay Miller
Head Softball Coach
USA Softball
Mississippi State University
  Dan Raley, a former player in the Detroit Tigers organization and minor league hitting coach, also gives the Total Control Batting Ball his hearty endorsement. Dan is also a hitting instructor at VBC and will be using the TCB balls with his baseball students.


Greg Powell of the Downriver Diamonds Fastpitch Association in Michigan. We spoke the other day and I ordered 6 of the hitting balls. I have used them three times and love it . I am presenting to the board to buy some for all our teams.
  Suzy Willemssen, a hitting instructor at the Virginia Baseball Club www.govbc.com in Northern VA and head coach for the 18u gold team, Glory Gold and Episcopal HS softball, enthusiastically endorses the TCB balls. Suzy states "The instant feedback plus seeing the delight on my students faces when feeling a regular softball explode off their bats after training with the TCB ball is an instructor's dream. The TCB ball is one of the best hitting training tools I've ever used."
  Hey Bucket tested Total Control Ball, Owner John Cookson writes "I personally tested this ball and it was awesome, I highly recommend this training ball.

 All About Fastpitch does article on "Addicting Hitting Aid' the what and why to use the Total Control Batting Ball.

Read it - All About Fastpitch - Addicting Hitting Aid

  The Chicago Bandits Professional Fastpitch Softball Team gives its endorsement to the Total Control Batting ball. Owner of the Bandits, Bill Sokolis was impressed with the design, quality and value that this product brings to softball community. Team members will be working with the TCB ball in their up coming 2010 season. We at Total Control Sports, Inc are very happy to have there endorsement and are looking forward to working with them. Total Control Sports will continue to support the Chicago Bandits and the NPF. 
 Steven Ball, Hitting Instructor and owner of FAST BALL Sports Instruction lends his support and endorses the Total Control Batting ball. Steven will be using the TCB ball and integrating it into his instructional lessons.   
 Bruce Morgan, hitting instructor at STRIKES! Baseball Academy has add his endorsement to the list of instructors now supporting and using the TCB ball. Bruce is making the TCB ball part of his lessons to improve softball hitters strength. Bruce noted, "After hitting the TCB ball, hitters are getting more exit speed and drive through the ball when they make contact with regular softball.  
  "Single greatest training tool I have seen."

Corey Miller, Phoenix Fastpitch



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